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Herbalife Business Essentials


Herbalife not only allows you to take care of your health by means of its products but at the same time provides you a chance to strengthen your finances too. Herbalife provides you the opportunity of working as a Herbalife distributor in India either part time or full time depending on your availability. This will not only allow you access to the entire range of Herbalife products but at the same time permit you to earn some extra income too.

To work as an Independent Herbalife distributor you do not need any professional qualification. The Herbalife team will help you set up and start your business and provide you with adequate literature and assistance required to understand the retail model. So what makes being a Herbalife distributor a success?

  • Herbalife, the Brand: Herbalife is a well known brand in the health and wellness sector.

  • Effective and Successful Products: The Herbalife products are made from natural ingredients. They have earned their name and reputation amongst clients by delivering positive and healthy results.

  • Attractive Compensation Plan: The compensation that a Herbalife distributor earns is amongst the best offered in the business of direct selling.

  • Result Oriented Training: The training provided to all new Herbalife distributors is excellent. It is coupled with an around the clock support system and sales tools.

Watch these 2 Videos below..

So if you are outgoing, love to meet people and are dynamic then make these skills to work for you.

Contact us if you seek to improve your lifestyle and wish to have a strong financial backing.

Steps to become Herbalife Distributor.

Step1. Buy the International Business Pack.

Step2. Once you have received the business pack then please fill out the distributor application form, sign it, scan it and email to . You need to also send scan copy of your residence proof. It can be Voter cardPassport or Driving License.

You will need our distributor details in order to complete the application. (To be filled in the Sponsors Box)

Step3. Once your application has been processed, then you will be an official Herbalife distributor in India. You can then buy Herbalife products at discounted rates. You can buy directly from (Login with your distributor id and 4 digit pin number)

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